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Central Heating Leak Detection Bourne End

Is your boiler losing pressure? Central heating suddenly stopped working and there is no hot water? If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is highly likely you have a central heating system leak.

ADI Pro Leak Ltd are central heating water leak detection specialists. Among the leading central heating leak detection companies in Bourne End, our priority is to locate and repair your central heating leak with a minimum of disruption and no damage to your property, in a very accurate and efficient manner.

  • Symptoms of Boiler or Central Heating Water Leaking

  • Low Central Heating Pressure

  • Always Topping System With Water

  • Cylinder Pressure Low

  • Boiler F1 Fault Code

Central Heating Leak Detection Company Near Me Bourne End

Here at ADI Pro Leak Ltd we specialise in locating central heating leaks with precision, using the most high-tech, non-invasive leak detection equipment on the market, we trace and access the leak. This enables us to detect and locate central heating leaks precisely and quickly in your Bourne End property, saving you time and money and without causing £’00s of pounds worth of damage to your home and property.

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Central Heating System Water Leak Detection & Repair Service in Bourne End

At ADI Pro Leak Ltd, we are proud to offer the most complete central heating leak detection and repair service in Bourne End on the market. Our specialist Team use a unique combination of equipment and techniques that we have developed over the years including:
  • Thermal imaging
  • Tracer Gases (Nitrogen/Hydrogen)
  • Acoustic Listening devices
  • A multitude of specialist handheld devices
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Years of experience!

Bourne End Central Heating Leak Detection

We have thermal imaging cameras to look for temperature changes that leaking water will cause, acoustic leak detection equipment to check the integrity of pipework and detect water and gas tracer systems that can detect even the slightest problem in plumbing connections.

Using our unique tool set and expertise, we can locate central heating leaks that have baffled others for years, on all types of central heating systems and pipework in domestic and commercial situations – indoor and outdoor. We are able to trace virtually every leak to within a couple of centimetres – so any central heating leak repairs that need to be carried out can be done exactly where it is needed – with no unnecessary work, expense or mess in your home. Every completed leak detection has a full report complete with photographic evidence suitable for insurance purposes.

Virtually all building insurance policies cover Trace and Access for central heating leaks – so any charge will usually be refunded to you. We know better than anyone that being in a home with a leak, no heating and no hot water is stressful enough so, we’ll make sure you are helped every step of the way – we’ll even ensure you have all the reports you need to support your insurance claim. Call our friendly Bourne End experts for free help and advice 01628 436905


Repair to main water feed in house to header tank

We expected mess but we got a lot less than we expected. The leak was quickly identified under the floor in a wooden duct which carries all of the properties pipes, and despite being a tight bundle of pipes difficult to get to and separate out the offending pipe was cut and replaced with our normal water services restored.

Verwood - January 2020


Leak detection and repair to external water supply

Very efficient job by tradesmen who were highly competent and kept us informed of progress. Meant our water supply reestablished in time for our club fundraiser.

London - September 2019


Leak detected and repaired

A D I Leak Detection were extremely efficient and helpful from our initial contact with them to the end. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Ferndown - October 2019

Why choose us for your central heating leak detection in Bourne End?

ADI Pro Leak Ltd is proud to be able to offer one of the UK’s most comprehensive, local Bourne End central heating leak detection services. We continually strive to take our services to the next level ensuring you receive the most accurate and cost-effective leak detection service available. More reasons to choose ADI Pro Leak Ltd central heating water leak detection services Bourne End:
  • Free advice and clear upfront quotations
  • All leak repair work guaranteed
  • Minimal damage and disruption to your home
  • Clear pricing
  • Unique expertise
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Fully qualified and experienced engineers
  • Industry leading equipment and techniques
  • Non-intrusive methods
  • Value for money service
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Central heating leak dectection Service near me in Bourne End, SL8

Having found your central heating leak, we offer central heating leak repairs in Bourne End as well. Our specialist engineers will assess every heating leak individually and recommend the ideal solution based on cost, timescale, accessibility and keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.

So, whether it’s an underfloor heating leak, a boiler leak or hot pipe leak, ADI Pro Leak Ltd can fix it using our trace and access repair approach and what’s more, the leak repair work is guaranteed!

We also guarantee to work with you to decide on the best and most cost-effective solution for you before moving into the repair phase of your central heating water leak.

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