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Our unique leak detection service can save you time and money as our qualified engineers can pinpoint any leak without disrupting your property or its surroundings.

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Our leading high tech leak detection equipment can detect and locate leaks precisely, enabling us to find the leak efficiently and in a lot less time, saving you money.

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Why not contact ADI Pro Leak Ltd now and we will arrange for one of our qualified engineers to visit your premises and find your leak today!

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Welcome to ADI Pro Leak Detection

At ADI Pro Leak Ltd, we understand that a water leak can be a daunting and stressful problem to have in any kind of property, from your home to your business. It would be best not to just start digging or guessing. That is where we come in. Here at ADI Pro Leak Ltd, we specialise in locating water leaks with precision using the most up to date and non-invasive leak detection equipment available, giving you total peace of mind that your water leak problem will be found without causing costly damage to your property or the surrounding area.

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Why Choose Us?

ADI Pro Leak Ltd is proud to offer one of the UK’s most comprehensive leak detection services around.

We continually strive to take our services to the next level ensuring you receive the most accurate and cost-effective leak detection service available. We take the guesswork out of the whole process by knowing exactly where your water leak is through our cutting edge technology. Every completed leak detection has a full report complete with photographic evidence suitable for insurance purposes.

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  • Unique Expertise
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Tested the Property to See If I Had a Water Leak

The engineer turned up on time to investigate a possible leak either at our house or on our neighbour's property. He made a thorough examination and we received a report very promptly the next day. ADI were always there at the end of the phone whenever we needed them which was very reassuring.



Repair to main water feed in house to header tank

We expected mess but we got a lot less than we expected. The leak was quickly identified under the floor in a wooden duct which carries all of the properties pipes, and despite being a tight bundle of pipes difficult to get to and separate out the offending pipe was cut and replaced with our normal water services restored.



Mains leak underneath house

Very impressive and efficient detection and swift fixing of mains leak underneath my house. Engineer was clearly very knowledgeable and experienced and I just wish I'd called weeks earlier! Many thanks.


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