ADI Pro Leak Ltd started as a small group of hardworking plumbing and heating engineers based in Buckinghamshire, UK.

We have become one of Europe’s leading Leak Detection and Repair Companies

ADI Pro Leak Ltd

Who We Are

  • A number of years ago we were inspired to resolve the problem of leaks in buried heating pipes without causing damage to the surrounding floors.
  • Thermal imaging cameras were already being used for this purpose but we decided to take a risk and invest in a variety of other equipment that would mimic the human senses in electronic form and make the leak detectable in other ways.
  • This propelled leak detection methods into the 21st century and provided a complete solution.
  • We had developed more advanced and effective methods of pinpointing leaks on any hidden pipework, even under concrete, without having to dig up or cause damage to the surrounding areas.
  • Further research & development propelled ADI to the UK’s market leader in non-invasive Leak Detection.
  • Not only could we find the leaks, but being plumbing and heating engineers, we were also able to carry out repairs to leaking pipework, both internally and externally.

ADI Research & Development

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  • Our Research and Development Team have pushed the boundaries of the non-invasive approach even further.
  • A ‘lightbulb’ moment caused us to challenge ourselves to adapt our technologies and apply them to all kinds of water pipework systems.
  • This has allowed us to expand our services to assist in leak detection for domestic, commercial and municipal systems.

ADI Pro Leak Ltd are the leading innovators of non-invasive leak detection and are always looking for ways to expand and improve our services. We are proud to be the only SPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) approved leak detection company in the UK and Europe.

Global Water Conservation

Global environmental concerns have reached a critical point in recent years and we aspire to become a key player in the global conservation of water as our services expand into as many countries as possible

Our Mission

To provide our customers with leading edge solutions to locating and repairing water leaks.

To deliver unbeatable levels of customer care from start to finish and be the most convenient, time and cost effective option for water leak detection and repair in the market.

Our Vision

As we continue to push the boundaries of non-invasive leak detection through our innovative ongoing research, we hope to be the only people you think to call upon to resolve your water leak.

Global environmental concerns have reached a critical point in recent years and we aspire to become a key player in the global conservation of water as our services expand into as many countries as possible.

ADI Pro Leak Ltd Guarantee

We aim to offer a true value for money service by our skilled Technicians.
Below is our 9 Point Customer Charter.

Our non-invasive detection methods mean that we can locate most leaks to a close degree of accuracy without the need to cause any secondary damage to walls, roofs or flooring. This helps us to prevent unnecessary extra cost and inconvenience.
Our non-invasive leak detection approach means that labour and remedial costs are kept to an absolute minimum. Other methods would likely incur these additional costs and cause greater disruption to the area of the leak.
Our technical advisers are always on hand to answer any questions you may have prior to booking. We are happy to give free and impartial advice, and with just some basic information we can give you a free no-obligation quotation for your leak detection.
Our services were developed over a number of years in-house by our very own engineers, who are also qualified plumbers and heating engineers. We have been evolving and expanding our leak detection techniques for over 30 years with great success.
From the moment you make your first inquiry, our priority is to put your mind at ease and make the whole process run as smoothly as possible for you. We only book one job per team of engineers per day. This allows the engineers to perform the investigation with focus, precision and care, without having to rush off to another appointment. You can be sure that our engineers are dedicated to resolving YOUR leak and your leak only on the day that you book.
We have been detecting leaks since 2012 and have a wealth of success stories, both domestic and commercial, demonstrating how we have helped people with exactly the same problem as you. Of course, every situation and every leak is unique, but there isn’t much we haven’t seen before!
As well as our expertise and experience, we use a vast and complex toolkit including specialist microphones, tracer gases, thermal imaging cameras and other equipment which we have designed to be bespoke to the task at hand.
Our specialist team is able to pinpoint the location of your leak with extreme precision within a single working day in the vast majority of cases.

We are happy to provide you with a free quotation and choice of day for your appointment. Just give us a call or send us a message via our Contact Form and we will get back to you right away.


Water leak - fixed.

Very efficient finding the cause of the problem and fixing it. Very professional work and equipment. Trustworthy and friendly. The problem was fixed effectively.

London - November 2019


Leak detected and repaired

A D I Leak Detection were extremely efficient and helpful from our initial contact with them to the end. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Ferndown - October 2019


Leak detection and repair to external water supply

Very efficient job by tradesmen who were highly competent and kept us informed of progress. Meant our water supply reestablished in time for our club fundraiser.

London - September 2019

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